Secure Payment

Pay Pal Secure Payment

This website does not request or retain any credit card information. All payments are made via Pay Pal. Pay Pal is the trusted leader in online secure payment.

Once your order is placed you will automatically be redirected to the Pay-Pal website where payment can easily be made by entering your Pay Pal user name and password or credit card details.

Why do we use Pay Pal as our only payment method?

Its Easy

If you all ready have a Pay Pal account, payment can be done by just entering your Pay Pal user name and password. Otherwise, payment is just a matter of entering your credit card details.

Its Secure

Pay Pal is globally recognised as on of the most secure payment systems on the Internet.

Its Inexpensive

Keeping the price of the transaction down also keeps down the price of the product, which is one of the reasons we can offer the lowest priced vibrators on the Internet.

Its Discreet

We know how much your privacy means to you and by using Pay Pal, your credit card statement will only show a Pay Pal transaction. Details of your order and names are not reflected on your statement.

The credit card transaction will appear on your bill as "PAYPAL*CELOAUST"

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